Other programs

Placement Centre

The program of the Placement Centre functioned during 2000-2011.  Caring, over the years, for 46 children.
In the summer of 2011, the Placement Centre ceased the activity due to the lack of funds. We were able to reintegrate most of the children with their families. Seven of the children weren’t that lucky because they had no family to care for them. But we managed to integrate them in charities with similar programs as ours.
Over the years that they stayed with us the children had the following services:

  1. Hosting service for a fixed period- up to the moment of reintegration in the family or the socio-professional integration of the young person that reached maturity
  2. Health and care service
  3. The emotional support and counseling services
  4. Educational service
  5. The socialization and leisure service


  • Over the years a number of 46 children found more than a shelter they found a place that they could call home and a family
  • 27 young people were reintegrated in the family
  • Five young people were integrated in a program for their age, and currently they have a working place and are able to support themselves
  • Two young people wanted their independence and they moved from our center, and they found a place to work and they live with rent
  • One child was transferred into foster family, to be with her sister
  • For four of the children we found another placement center from another town, in order to be closer to their family
  • 7 of the children were integrated in similar programs of other charities
  • The children were successfully integrated in school in spite of the fact that some of them were sent to school a few years after the normal age due to time spent on the streets.

Day care Centre for street children

This program was running from 1998 to 2003 and helped over 3,500 beneficiaries, children living on the streets ages between 3 and 18. The day care street children offered the following services to its beneficiaries:

  • Medical assistance, counseling, hygiene, recreational activities, food, clothes.
  • Our social workers tried to get in contact with their families and reintegrate them in the family
  • For some of them where the contact with the family wasn’t successful but were willing to study and learn they were taken in the placement center of our charity

The most significant result from this program was the reduction of the number of street children in Bucharest and recuperation of  the children to a normal life..

Maternal center

The activity of this program started in 1998 and ended in 2005. Here a number of 3 mothers each with 3-4 children, found shelter.  Here they also found a workplace that helped them to reintegrate professionally and socially.  Two of the mothers, together with their children, went back in the family and the third mother found a place to work outside the charity and wished to leave our place, leaving her children behind in the placement center until she will find a proper place to live. After five years she took her children with her.