Daycare Centre

Who are our beneficiaries?

“Future for the Romanian Children” Foundation is a nongovernmental, non-profit. Daycare Centre “St. Joseph House” is a form of active support for children from disadvantaged families, whose incomes are insufficient to cover minimum needs, the space for living and hygienic conditions are inadequate for the growing up and caring of the children.

“Future for the Romanian Children” Foundation ensures, through the centre of day care, social protection, psychological assistance, family counselling, assistance and medical care, preschool and after-school education for 5 days per week between 07.30-18.30 hours, three meals and two daily snacks for a total of 60 children from marginalized and disadvantaged families.

What are the services we offer?

1. Educational service – Day care Centre offers numerous cases of child learning, including developing independent life skills, which are planned by staff specialist and conducted in accordance with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.

2. Educational activities are carried out in the educational service and refers to:

– Notions about the environment (park, garden, gymnasium);

– Elements of arithmetic (simple mathematical operations);

– Drawing (modelling, carving, made, pasted, colored);

– Songs, poems;

– Heard stories, poems;

– Supervised games and dance – in the yard or park;

– Knowledge of some elements of history, geography, religion;

– Knowledge and compliance behaviour in society.

3. Service for medical assistance and health care – aims through its activities, to ensure a good state of health of children and promote healthy lifestyles. In this work is the guidance, support and counselling of the beneficiaries about health issues. Hygiene and personal care is carefully monitored and medical evaluations are held periodically in emergency situations. Elements are monitored closely related to nutrition and diet. Materials are provided for personal hygienic use for each child, taking into account the particularities.

4. The emotional support and counselling services – Day care Centre offers counselling and support to parents on request or whenever considered by the staff specialist being in the child benefit and family. The emotional support and counselling services are provided by the psychologists centre daily. Psychological counselling involves identifying situations of risk, some difficult moments in the life of the child or family and the intervention is made on a personalized program and a psychological book.

5. The socialization and leisure – Day care Centre offers children recreational activities and socialization to achieve a balance between learning activities relaxing and playing. The educational staff develops the program for recreational activities and socializing, including periods of sleep and rest, taking into account the preferences and peculiarities of each child.

What are our results?

  • Between 2003-2015, the Day-care Centre helped over 350 poor families
  • 90% of the children that had the age for school were enrolled in the state education system
  • 70% of the parents found a work place
  • 70% of the families improved their behaviour by reducing the domestic violence due to the counselling from our specialists
  • 70% of the families  have learned rules of personal hygiene and for the house due to the counselling from our specialists
  • 25% of the famillies did voluntarie work in the charity